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himalayan salt lampsHimalayan Salt Lamps make a lovely addition to any room; their warm gentle light makes an excellent night light and is really nice for children’s bedrooms.
They are cut and shaped out of blocks of natural salt by hand and as such they are all different shapes and size. They vary in colour from dark red, through Orange and shades of Pink to white. Each lamp is unique and you will be drawn to the one for you!

How do they work?
All around us we have Electro Magnetic Fog (EMF) which is made up of positive ions generated by all the electrical equipment we are surrounded with ie mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, TV, Microwaves, Vacuum cleaners. It is these ions which make us feel tired and lethargic.
Himalayan Salt Lamps generate negative ions which counteract the positive ones. Think about how it feels just before a thunder storm and how heavy the air feels. Then it rains and everything feels fresher, that is negative ions. They help us to feel calmer, more relaxed. They help with stress, anxiety, sleep and breathing issues.
The inside of the lamp is hollowed out and fitted with a small bulb which generates both light and heat. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water molecules in the air, the heat of the lamp then dries them out, continuing the hygroscopic effect while the lamp is on. It is these water molecules that carry allergens such as pollen, dust and even bacteria and viruses.

What health issues can they help with?
Helps with breathing issues
Reduces allergies
Less colds and flu due to less airborne viruses
Lessens anxiety and stress
Helps improve the ability to concentrate
Promotes a feeling of calmness
Helps with skin problems

Where is the best place for my lamp?
The best place for your lamp is close to where you spend most your time, could be on your desk, on a coffee table or in your bedroom so you breathe the cleaner air directly.

How do I care for my lamp?
Occasionally, perhaps every few weeks, turn off your salt lamp for an hour or so and let it cool. Gently rub it with a damp cloth to clean away trapped dust and particles, but for the rest of the time just leave it on, enjoy the gentle glow and breathe in cleaner air!

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