Energy Healing with Reiki and EFT

Reiki and EFT 

Reiki and EFT are natural energy healing therapies that help improve our sense of wellbeing, mentally, physically and emotionally. They help us become aware of how our emotions are affecting us as we try to cope with the ups and downs of daily life.

When our emotional and mental health is good, we can:

  •  think clearly
  •  make decisions easily
  •  understand what is acceptable to us and change what is not
  •  sleep well
  •  remain calm under pressure
  •  form healthy relationships
  •  cope with setbacks
  •  value our self-worth
  •  be confident in our abilities
  •  enjoy life and have fun

How can you work with me?

Reiki and EFT sessions are available as:

  • Free initial 15 min phone consultation
  • 1-1  treatment at my therapy room
  • 1-1 Reiki or EFT session in your own home (fee + milage, conditions apply)
  • In-person EFT group
  • Online EFT group
  • 1-1 online EFT
  • Learn Reiki up to Master Teacher Level
  • New!  Release and Reveal a personally crafted 1-1 programme


Please Note:  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I am only offering online or surrogate EFT sessions and Distant Reiki until further notice.

Also available

  • Distance Reiki
  • Animal Reiki
  • Surrogate EFT (Tapping) for animals
  • Indian Head Massage
  • DoTerra Essential Oils

As we start to work with healing energy, you will learn how your own energy is affected by others.  I will teach you how to protect and ground your energy so you are better able to receive healing. You can also have a free meditation NOW to get you started.

To book your FREE 15 consultation, just contact me and we will arrange it.

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