Essential Oils for Energy Healing

Essential oils can be very powerful when working with energy during the healing process and for ongoing support. Reiki and EFT are energy healing therapies that can be enhanced with the use of essential oils.

Essential Oils can help by

  •  Healing the physical, mental and emotional body.
  •  Helping us to release limiting beliefs
  •  Increasing our spiritual awareness
  •  Help us to connect with our higher selves
  •  Inspire us to fulfil our potential

Did you know that some essential oils are 40-60 times stronger than herbs? Therefore aiding physical healing by naturally supporting the body’s own healing systems. Emotionally, essential oils work to release negative emotions blocking the body’s natural energy flow, making room for  positive ones.  Healing is a process and essential oils support that process, trusting it to bring the healing we need.

Unlike emotions, limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious,  usually coming from conclusions we have made about our experiences. As a result, we believe these conclusions to be correct, whether they are or not. Essential oils help raise our awareness of them, which allows us to work through them and create new experiences.

We have energy flowing through us constantly, and while this energy flows freely,  all is well with us. When energy vibration is low we feel negative emotions such as anger, sadness or low self-esteem.  So, to be able to heal, we need to raise our vibrations and release the negative feelings. This enables us to realise our full potential, and live the life we really want.   Therefore, using high vibrational pure essential oils along with energy healing techniques is very powerful. 


Quality Matters

There are different categories of essential oils and, surprisingly, there is no current legislation on purity and potency. I would always recommend using the highest quality you can, and here’s why..


  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – these are independently laboratory tested for their purity and composition to ensure there is no contamination. They are to be used topically, aromatically and some are able to be taken internally, but they do tend to be more expensive because the quality can be trusted. When used for physical, emotional or spiritual healing, these are higher vibrational oils and the ones I would recommend.
  • Therapeutic Grade – Many of the oils available on the high street fall into this category and are intended for topical and aromatic use. Be aware that some of these may be diluted with synthetics, chemicals or additives which changes the potency and vibration of the oil.
  • Perfume Grade – These are widely available and often fairly cheap. It is important to remember these are usually synthetic and could be harmful if used topically. They have no therapeutic value.

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