Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki distant healing can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and can be received by anyone who is willing to receive it. It is just as effective as traditional Reiki, always working for your highest good and never doing any harm.

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy and to be able to receive it distantly, it truly a blessing.

So, how does it work?

If you have already experienced an in-person session, you will have felt the energy from a practitioners hands. If you haven’t you can read more about Reiki here. What happens with Distant Healing, is that energy is sent to you as soon as I ‘tune in’ to your energy frequency. Think of it like tuning a radio!  All you need to do, is to be willing and open to receiving it.  Just book a time when you know you will be able to relax.

What can distant healing help with?

  • Health issues
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • A situation you may be struggling with
  • Feeling stuck and not able to cope
  • Sleep issues
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Any difficulties you may be facing

These are just a few ways distant Reiki can help you, but to be honest, it is amazing for any number of issues and can even be used on pets!

However, Reiki can never be used to manipulate others or send ill will to anyone. It just won’t work!

Always be open to how the healing comes to you. Remember, it always works for your highest good and may not appear as you think it should, but trust that you are receiving the healing you need!

All my Distant Healing sessions are one to one at a pre-arranged time and date.
£20 for a 30 min session
£25 for a 45 min session
£35 for a 60 min session

Arrange your session today – Tell me your preferred time i.e. morning, afternoon or evening and what, if there is anything in particularly, you want to work on.

I take payments through PayPal or BACS and details will be sent to you at the time of booking. Please note, booking is not confirmed until payment has been received.


I felt very tingly…Its strange, feel perfectly relaxed but all my nerves feel as if they are wide awake.  Mrs J