Christmas is different for everyone, it does change over time and change for many people is often difficult. The big build up to Christmas is well under way, trees are up, lights are on and the media is full of how Christmas ‘should’ be. All the family together, everyone happy and laughing around a beautifully decorated table, laden with rich food, presents piled high around a real tree, log fire burning and snow falling outside. FACT… the last widespread white Christmas in the UK was 2010 according to the Met Office!

So, the reality is often very different, yet we still get taken in by all the hype, all the things we ‘should’ do, ‘should’ have or ‘should’ be. Is it any wonder we get stressed and anxious? And if our loved ones are no longer here, we have grief to cope with too. All these are very powerful emotions and, using the words from Mental Health Week, ‘It’s ok not be ok’.

Can you feel the stress and anxiety building up? Are you feeling overwhelmed by tiredness, sadness, fear or anger? Do you want to do something to help yourself? Then Time for Me is here to help and the aim is to get to Boxing Day feeling better than you do right now. Whatever ‘better’ means to you, there is no right or wrong, because we are all different. Over the last 5 years, I have picked up lots of useful bits of information that have really helped me, and I want to share them with you.

I invite you to join the group with an open mind and an open heart, have a pen and paper handy too, just in case you feel the need to write things down ( we will talk about that later!) Every day, starting on 1st December until 26th December there will be a little step for you to take on your journey, it won’t take long, promise!

The group is free to join, no sign up and no membership. You can contribute to the group as much or as little as you feel you can, but there is no obligation to share anything you do not wish to.

To join click here Time for Me

See you in the group!