I love my work and I love helping people to feel better about themselves.
Seeing my clients heal and grow and to be able to move on in their lives is amazing.

I have just spent the last 2 months training in Indian Head Massage and I love that too! To be able to qualify, I also had to pass an Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 course, so I have been pretty busy. But it has helped me to realise just how incredible our bodies are, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We live in a very busy world, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and ignore the signs our bodies give us when it is under duress. We get aches and pains, we feel stuck, stressed, anxious, depressed and have any number of negative feelings and beliefs to contend with so we end up completely off balance. Everything becomes a struggle, and nothing seems go right. Sound familiar?

Well, I would like to invite you to take some time for you. Just one hour, just for you! If your first thought on reading this is ‘I haven’t got time, I’m too busy’, chances are it is exactly what you need. So, I am offering you the chance to try either Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Aromatouch massage and get a £5.00 discount until the 23rd June using the promo code TFYJune.

If you would like to book, please either call me on 07903 916639 or email karen@karenpeddieholistics.co.uk