New Year Resolutions!  Did you make any? How are you getting on with them? 

Resolution is defined as ‘a firm decision to do or not do something’.  So, if, for whatever reason, we don’t keep to that decision, we feel like we have failed and yet, 22% of people who make them have given up after a week!

It might not sound like a lot, but if you are one of them, it is so easy to think and feel bad about yourself.  This is a normal, but we can choose how we react to it because even though feeling like a failure is a very negative response, we can do something about it.    

Most resolutions are made because we feel we ‘should’ be doing something, ie we ‘should’ lose weight, we ‘should’ declutter the garage, or we ‘should’ quit smoking, rather than something we really want to do, ie we want to feel better, we want to be able to find things easier or we want to be happier. 

Therefore, forcing ourselves to do something we don’t really want to do is just setting ourselves up to fail, because we don’t believe we can really achieve it.  Think about the last time you did something you didn’t really believe in or wasn’t important to you.  Did it go to plan and turn out as you expected? Or was it an epic fail? How does that make you feel?  Where do you feel it in your body, right now? When we focus on negative feelings like failure, the Universe will give us more things to feel negative about, that is the Law of Attraction.

So, why not try setting intentions?  Intention is defined as ‘a thing intended; an aim or a plan’ and they help us to focus our attention on the process of making positive changes rather than the outcome.  For example:  our resolution might be to lose a stone in weight but as soon as we don’t lose any weight our resolve goes, and we give up.  A more positive approach is to set an intention each day, to eat healthy food, take a walk, drink more water or get more sleep and to accept that each time we do any of these things, we take a small step towards along the path to feeling better about ourselves.  Give yourself a pat on the back instead of berating yourself and notice how that feels.  If you choose to eat unhealthy food, take ownership of it and accept that YOU made that choice and notice how it feels.  From noticing these feelings, you can make choices that feel right for you. 

You can apply this practice to absolutely anything, not just food!  We are all unique.  What one person believes they ‘should’ do, does not mean it is right for you!  We all have this inner knowing, the gut feeling and we just need to trust it.

Once we start thinking positively and making positive intentions, the universe will give us more things to be positive about and we ‘feel’ positive and uplifted.  It is not the easy option, but it is well worth the effort!

So, you can choose to either wallow in ruined resolutions or take Positive action with Inspired Intentions?

I am Inspired to make Positive Intentions and I hope you are too!