Well, it’s nearly time to go back to normal, if you haven’t already done so. Did you just do a little happy dance, or did your heart sink to your feet? If, it was the latter, maybe it’s time for a change! Whatever has happened for you over the last weeks and months, that fact is, it happened, and the fact that you are reading this now, proves you survived it. There’s no going back, we cant change it.  We can only do the best we can, with what we had at the time, so be proud of that. There is no doubt, it has been extremely traumatic for some and for many, life post-lockdown will be very different to anything we have experienced before.

Coping with change

Change is difficult at the best of times, but when it is forced on us, our natural reaction is to

  • actively resist it
  • avoid it
  • adapt to it

The first two put us in victim mode – It’s happening to me because……..It’s not fair……..Why me? However, adapting to the change is positive and proactive, it helps you deal with any uncomfortable feelings, allows you get the support you need and helps you to be part of the change.

Getting support

Anger, grief, worry and fear are just some examples of negative emotions causing the uncomfortable feelings. Ignoring them, won’t make them go away it will just make you feel even worse. EFT helps to collapse those negative feelings so more positive ones can take their place, bring feelings of peace and calm. Coming to terms with change is different for everyone, it is a process that needs to be worked through but only when you are ready. Remember…there is no shame in asking for help and I am here to offer my support.

New opportunities

Challenging times always create opportunities. They may be big, live-changing ones or just a simple idea that will help you do something better, easier or quicker. Actually, opportunities are happening all the time, but unless we want to change something, we don’t always see them. We miss them by focusing on all the things we no longer have or can’t do anymore, instead of focusing on what we CAN do and more importantly, WANT to do. Change can bring us the opportunity not just to cope but to grow and flourish, be calmer and more relaxed, sleep better and make better decisions. So, no going back, step forward with confidence! Find me on Facebook