What is self-sabotage?

Why would we even want to sabotage our hopes and dreams?

Alyce P Cornyn-Selby says – ‘Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen’.

It is any behaviour that stops us doing something we want, and where our ego tries to keep us safe in our comfort zone.

This week I have completed the first 3 group training sessions of a 12-session course. I am super proud of myself even if I am a little sore! Having not been anywhere near a gym in a long, long time, to say I was nervous and apprehensive is a bit of an understatement.

I could of listened to my ego that was telling me ‘I couldn’t do it’, ‘why bother, it wont make any difference’, ‘ you will show yourself up, because your not fit enough to keep up’ or even worse ‘you’re too old and too fat! How awful is that? Why would I want to sabotage feeling better?

Next, I could of thought of all the reasons (excuses?) as to why I shouldn’t go…. I’m too busy, can’t make those class times (there were 6 to choose from!), can’t afford it (if in doubt blame money!), even though I knew I needed to do something.

Instead, I chose to think about how I would feel. I would feel happier, healthier and fitter.  Able to walk further without being in pain or out of breath and might even lose some weight. How would that feel?….. fantastic!

So, what can we do?

I used my EFT Tapping skills to work through all the negative thoughts whizzing around in my head. Feeling anxious and nervous about walking into a new place, meeting new people, not knowing if I could keep up with everyone and looking stupid.
I gave myself Reiki, I surrounded myself with healing energy and even sent distant healing to the place and people I would meet.

As I sat in the car outside, still tapping away the last few niggles, I knew that all would be well. That I would be ok and that it was safe for me to look after myself. I felt calm and even a bit excited about taking a step forward to be a healthier, fitter person.

So, ego, I CAN do it. It WILL make a difference to me. I AM NOT to old or too fat. And, if I can’t do all the exercises right now, it’s ok to rest because as I get fitter, I WILL be able to!

This is how EFT and Reiki have helped me this week. As an EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master, it is no surprise to me. I know they work because I use them myself. I am a work-in-progress just like anyone else, but I have learnt that self-care is NOT selfish, it is vital to my health and wellbeing.

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