I don’t know about you, but looking for the rainbows seems like a good idea to me because I’m finding this whole situation very draining.  I’m a healer, a lightworker and I always want to make everything better. I must tell you that I have struggled this last week because, as an empath, I feel the panic and fear and uncertainty acutely.

So, I have made the choice not to dwell on this negativity any longer and take control of my thoughts and feelings. That does not mean I don’t care, I do, deeply, but in my whoo whoo world of energy and Universal Law, I do not want to attract more of it into my life! I don’t want you to attract it into your life either, so what can we do?

  •  We need to help one another, however we can. Many people are afraid right now, our lives have changed quickly beyond anything any of us have ever experienced before.
  • We have to adopt to a new ‘normal’, but change is always difficult and it is perfectly normal to want to resist it.  Maybe we are being forced to think about how we are all living our lives. What is important to us? Is it really about everything we own? Is it your stash of toilet roll? Remember, you can’t eat it and it won’t keep you warm!
  • Try to limit the time you spend on social media. It’s an amazing tool to keep people informed, sadly it can also spread yet more fear and panic. Think about what you share and look for uplifting, inspirational posts. If they make you chuckle, they will make others chuckle too!
  • Be with people who make you feel safe. If you can’t physically be with them, join the online communities that are popping up everywhere now. Ask yourself if you can help others feel safe, call your family and friends for a chat.
  • Try to avoid negative people, the ones who are always complaining, arguing or just moaning. You will feel your energy level drop, because they just drain you!
  • Take some time to just BE. Use the time to think of all the things you CAN do and don’t dwell on the things you can’t do at the moment. Reflect on what you want from life and start to think about how you can achieve those goals, because you CAN do it!
  • If you are healer too, shine your light bright because we are needed. All storms pass, and this will too, so we can definitely look for rainbows!
  • #bekind Do you remember this? It was only a few short weeks ago!
  • Join my Facebook group T is for Tapping where I will be sharing EFT. It’s FREE and I will teach you the basics that you will be able to use anytime you wish too

For my part, I have set the intention to help keep you all positive, to look on the bright side and find something to smile about. Check out my Facebook page here

If you are feeling a bit discombobulated, try this short grounding meditation for FREE and keep a lookout out for my guided meditations and visualisations which will be available soon.

I would love to hear from you. Tell me how you’re feeling, and I will try to help you. It is important that we all talk about our feelings, please don’t keep your worries bottled up. You don’t need to, take the helping hand!

Stay safe everyone and start looking for the rainbows!