It is a fact that Christmas is one of the most emotional times of the year and feelings of overwhelm, panic, stress, fear, hate, anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, apprehension, sadness, frustration and many other negative emotions start bubbling up which can be difficult to cope with.

We are sad when we think about family members and friends no longer with us.  We worry how we can afford everything or if we have forgotten something or, even worse, someone!  We stress, we fear we are not good enough and we panic about getting the perfect gifts.  We think everything must be perfect, but guess what?  It doesn’t!!

In these last few busy days before the big day, I just thought I would share some simple tips to help you get through it:

  1. Remember those who have passed and be grateful for the people in your life now.  Don’t try and ignore the feeling of loss that you have, talk to others, the chances are they feel it too. Write a list of everything you are grateful for, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, it all counts.
  2. Make the most of your strong friendships, tell them how you are feeling so they can support you.  If you don’t tell them how you are feeling, they probably won’t be able to guess!  You don’t even need to see them if you don’t want to, you could just call them, text them or send them a message.
  3. Make some time for yourself, sit quietly, take some long, slow, deep breaths and clear your mind.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Useful contact numbers NHS 111 Samaritans 116 123 (UK)
  5. Try not to get into debt buying things you know you don’t really need!
  6. Do your own thing.  It can be hard, but if you feel you want to do something different… just do it.  Keep your plans flexible and give yourself permission to change your mind.  I offer to drive so I can leave when I want to, and I find that works for me!
  7. Volunteer.  There are more places than ever before opening on Christmas Day to support people who would be alone and not just the elderly, homeless centres are open too.
  8. Look after yourself and be aware of overindulging in food or alcohol.  Why not take a break by going for a walk and get some fresh air?
  9. Accept how you feel, you don’t need to justify it to anyone else but you.

And finally……..Remember, it is just ONE day. 

Focus on positive things in your life and it will be Boxing Day before you can say mince pies!


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