What does it mean to be Grounded?

As an Energy Healer I practice grounding every day because if my energy is not grounded and balanced, I can’t help others to be. To ground my energy is second nature to me now, just something I do everyday because I know it helps me be positive and more focused.  And….it is totally different to being grounded as a child, not a naughty step in sight!

Being energetically grounded means we feel centred in our self, mentally, physically and emotionally. We feel balanced, peaceful, calm and in control of our life. Practicing grounding exercises daily is something that can benefit everyone, and the good news is, it doesn’t have to take hours of valuable time!

What can grounding help with?

Just a few minutes a day concentrating on your inner self can help with:

  •  Reducing stress
  •  Increasing motivation
  •  Clearing brain fog
  •  Making clear decisions
  •  Taking responsibility for our actions
  •  Calming panic attacks


So, how can you ground your energy?

  • Be outside in nature. Go for a walk or just sit and ‘be’. Listen to the sounds around you, watch the wildlife and notice the plants, trees and flowers.
  • Listen to a guided meditation or visualisation. I have a short visualisation you can download HERE for FREE!   All I ask is that you commit to practice daily and notice how you feel.
  • Balance the Root Chakra. The visualisation will help with this and so will Reiki.  Book your session HERE.


How do you feel when you are not grounded?

You feel discombobulated (love this word!), and everything is a struggle, like wading through treacle.  When our bodies natural energy is blocked and unable to flow freely, it is reflected in our lives and we feel stuck and uneasy, often suffering from dis-ease as well as:

  •  Feel lightheaded, dizzy and a bit spaced out
  •  Start a job and can’t seem to finish it
  •  Are unable to concentrate
  •  Have difficulty understanding simple instructions
  •  Seem to be distracted easily
  •  Have no sense of time

Energy is our life force and for us to be able to function at our best, it needs to flow freely so ease can be restored.  If you are feeling discombobulated right now, I have a short Grounding Visualisation to help you get started. It will take about 5 mins but you can extend the time you take to complete it and I know that if you are feeling ungrounded, it will help you. Just practicing this every day for a week, you will notice a difference in how you are feeling.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!