How does Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) work?

Whatever your particular problem may be, what part of your life needs improvement, there are usually emotional issues in the way. Even for physical issues, chronic pain, or diagnosed conditions, it is possible to relief physical symptoms. EFT can be used for a broad range of issues from phobias, physical pain and emotional pain. It can be successfully used on clients who have had a fear of flying, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, relationship breakups to name just a few!

It involves focusing on the feeling we want to change whilst tapping on specific points on the meridians. We use 8 points on the body where our energy flow is at its highest. It can be described as a kind of acupuncture without the needles. The more unresolved emotional issues you can clear, the more peace and emotional freedom you will have in your life. Limiting beliefs can vanish, self-confidence can soar, relationships can flourish and grow, and a greater sense of wellbeing can be yours. With that in mind, EFT can be an ongoing process that we use to clear out the old traumas, and welcome any new challenges with a healthy, productive attitude.

What to expect in an EFT session

We begin with a consultation to discuss the main issues and how we can expect to work and resolve them using these techniques. We rate the feelings around this on a scale of 1-10. 1 being little or no feelings and 10 where the feeling is very intense. We then start doing a round of tapping and using the clients own words to describe the problem. You can definitely expect to experience EFT, its possibilities and effects and clients always leave feeling that they have gained greater clarity of their situation and have made one (quite often significant) shift. Hope, relief and curiosity are regularly experienced during the first session. As we continue to talk, using the clients own words and thoughts, it is amazing how quickly we can get to the root cause of problems. This can often be found way back in the past, sometimes just one negative ‘off the cuff’ comment can cause years of negative, unhelpful thinking.

During this consultation, you will get some indication of the number of sessions needed, although this can change as we progress and is something we will discuss as needed. Some problems can be resolved quickly, others, often more complex, present numerous different “aspects” to be worked through. We take a person-centered approach and work at the appropriate pace. The idea is to create change and transformation easily and quickly. Clients are also encouraged to use the techniques on their own between visits. This can both accelerate the process and empower the person to manage their own lives effectively, especially in times of need.

All of our fears are usually a result of a past experience and we all have them! EFT takes you right back to this point to collapse the emotion link to the event which is holding you back in your life now. EFT balances and eliminates the energy disruption, and without the disruption there is no longer a negative feeling associated with it. It just becomes like an old memory, it happened but is no longer affecting the mind/body system.

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