About Karen

I’m Karen Peddie and I suffered with anxiety, stress and depression for over 20 years.  My lowest point came when my lovely Mum passed away. I just couldn’t cope and every day was a struggle. As a single working mum, I had to keep going, so everything was ‘normal’ for my daughter.  I really missed my Mum and a knew she did too but I didn’t know what else to do. Six months later, I was on an increased dose of antidepressants.  Suffering from anxiety, stress and depression, I was unable to work for over 4 months and desperately need more help.

My journey

I was offered counselling at the local hospice and joined the Bereavement group there. At one meeting I was offered Reiki, I had heard about it, but thought it was a bit woo woo! How wrong was I? I was a bit sceptical walking into that room, but it was so calming and I totally relaxed.  That night, for the first time in 6 months, I slept the whole night. I was amazed.

Sadly the therapist left and I never got to see her again but I remain eternally grateful for time short time I spent with her. A few months later, I won a Reiki session and even though this was with a different practitioner, the result was the same.  I knew then I had to learn more and unsurprisingly, a place came up on a Level 1 course the very next week.  Divine timing at its very best!

A Bright Future

Now as a Reiki Master Teacher, I now go to the Bereavement group as a volunteer. I offer others the opportunity to try Reiki for themselves. Even though they only have a taster session, just as I did, I know they feel calmer, more relaxed and sleep better, because they tell me!

My aim is to help my clients feel better about themselves, quickly and easily with lasting results.  Karen Peddie Holistics treats the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. I can help you learn how to balance the whole body naturally, safely and easily, but I cant do that on my own because you need to make that investment in you.

Look at my logo, the door can be opened to the life you want, you can leave the darkness of feeling rubbish and go into the light of a happier, brighter future.  You can make that decision and I can help you get there, because you deserve it!